Why Polyurea Is Better Than Epoxy for Homeowners of Florida

Published on September 27, 2022

When people across central Florida are looking to protect their home’s concrete they have to make a hard choice between a polyurea and an epoxy coating. Florida homeowners should never choose to install an epoxy coating in Florida for one major reason.

Simply put, epoxy coatings that are exposed to high levels of UV light will start to become yellow and discolored over time. You can see this discoloration taking place slowly over time when you visit an older property that installed an epoxy concrete coating. The better option that won’t fade when exposed to UV light is a polyurea coating from Xano521.

Many people make the mistake of installing an epoxy concrete coating and this ends up costing them in the long run. Here at Xano521 Industrial Concrete Coatings we install and service polyurea concrete coatings around the Central Florida region. If you are in the market for an amazing concrete coating that not only looks great but will also last for a decade or more then reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation.

Why Uv Light Causes Epoxy Coatings to Yellow and Fade

I am sure you have seen older homes around Central Florida that had an epoxy floor installed years ago; if you look closely these floors now are yellow in color and even have begun to chalk and crack.

The reason that this happens is because of the chemical makeup of the epoxy resin itself. Epoxy is made out of a two-part mixture of resin and a hardener that when left to settle creates a hard plastic barrier on top of concrete. Normally this would be fine but the plastic is susceptible to fading fast.

Simply put, UV light will destroy an epoxy floor coating in as little as 4 months of exposure. That brand new expensive epoxy coating you installed will start to be destroyed the second UV light starts to impact it.

Naturally you don’t want this to happen. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to an already settled epoxy floor outside of ripping it up and installing a new one. Here at Xano521 we think that serving a product like an epoxy floor is unacceptable as it will only ensure that you have to buy a new one a couple of years later. Simply read our stellar reviews here!

Why Epoxy Floors Are Especially Bad in Florida

So we know that UV light will start to destroy an epoxy floor. Why are they especially bad for people to have in Central Florida? The answer is the near-constant sunlight we get year-round.

Imagine you just installed an epoxy floor and within a couple of months, it is faded, yellow, and cracking because of exposure to the Sun. You call the installation company and they say “don’t let the sun hit it.” This is a problem because across Florida we get sunlight all the time. There is no way to protect your epoxy floor in Florida from the sun. If there is a window or the epoxy floor is exposed then it will crack and become yellow.

There is no way to prevent this yellowing or “ambering” of epoxy floor coatings. It is possible to put UV-resistant fillings in the epoxy coating but these will only delay the yellowing by a little bit; it won’t prevent it. Across Central Florida, people are installing the wrong type of concrete floor coating on accident because they are not informed.

Why a Polyurea Coating Is Better Than Epoxy in Central Florida

It is always a better idea to install a polyurea concrete coating to protect your home’s concrete in Central Florida.

The reason for this is that polyurea has a much higher durability level while also maintaining just enough flexibility to ensure that it won’t be brittle and crack. A 2020 study figured out that the reason that polyurea is so strong and resistant to UV damage is because of the molecular structure of the polymer used to create the polyurea coating.

This polymer is a 2 part fusion process that creates a nearly impenetrable outer layer while the bottom layer acts as a malleable material that can move the polymer around to ensure its flexibility. What this means is that a Xano521 polyurea concrete coating can protect your home’s concrete from anything that Florida can throw at it; including the Sun.

Our polyurea coatings come in many different textures and styles. We can match our polyurea coatings to just about anything that you can throw at us. Check out our gallery to get some inspiration for your next concrete project.

Polyurea is always a better option than epoxy. This is because polyurea is stronger and more flexible than epoxy. On top of this polyurea is made with polymer instead of resin so it is highly resistant to UV damage and as such won’t crack, crumble, or chalk from the Sun.

Thinking About Polyurea For Your Central Florida Home?

Here at Xano521 Industrial Concrete Coatings we pride ourselves on being the best concrete coating company in Central Florida. We install and service polyurea coatings and can tailor-fit our concrete coatings to match any type of job size and requirements.

From driveways, garages, sidewalks, pool floors, and even patios we do it all. Our polyurea coatings are extremely durable and will withstand anything you can throw or roll over it. If you are on the fence about if a polyurea coating is the right choice for you then I suggest you reach out to us; we will give you an honest answer on what you should be looking for.


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