Epoxy vs Polyurea Tested

See How Penntek’s Polyurea Compares in Various Tests With Inexpensive Epoxy and Common Polyurea. 

At Xano521, we only deviate from the standard to exceed the standard.

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance greatly affects the long term adhesion as well as the wear and tear of your floor coating.

Stretch & Flex

Flexibility allows your concrete coating to bounce back and not chip or peel when impacted on.

Stains & Spills

Spills happen, and with Penntek's pure polyurea all you need for an easy cleanup is a towel and general purpose cleaner.

UV Stability

Epoxy will yellow over time, and while polyurea is better, Penntek's polyurea is especially designed to withstand exposure to UV light.

Epoxy vs Polyurea Impact Resistance Test

Impact resistance greatly affects the long term adhesion as well as the wear and tear of your floor coating.

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While epoxy is inexpensive and is widely available, its impact resistance is quite low. If you are looking for high impact resistance for your floor coating – we recommend Penntek’s polyaspartic polyurea coatings which is designed with high impact resistance.

Epoxy vs Polyurea STRETCH & Flexibility Test

When installing concrete coating it is really important to make sure the coating is flexible and is able to shift and move along with the surface.

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For most residential installations we are dealing with floating slabs of concrete which are designed to flex and move with the shifting Earth. It’s important that any coating that we’re installing is able to shift and move along with this substrate for a long term coating solution.

Stains & Chemical Resistance

While floors may look the same day one, it’s important to pick a floor coating that will withstand the test of time.

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Penntek’s polyurea is chemically resistant, making even the toughest spills easy to clean with just a towel and general purpose cleaner

UV Stability Test

UV light will make a common polyurea and epoxy yellow or amber over time.

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Penntek products are designed and formulated to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. From pool decks to patios, driveways to garages – we want to make sure that our coating is going to fit the needs that you may have.  



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I like to thank Glenn and Michael for a job well done. Had my patio and front and back porch floors coated they did a fabulous job I'm so happy the way they turned out they look fantastic.
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Glen and Jeorge were very professional and personable. They both worked so hard and only stopped to get some lunch. They were very neat. They did the driveway and walkway. Very pleased and have already gotten 2 other jobs for XANO 521.
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Glenn and Mike were outstanding. Very knowledgeable in the product and letting me know the process along the way keeping me informed. The end product is absolutely fabulous
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The whole process from consult to end product was beyond expectations. I'm absolutely in love with the end product. Everyone who was involved were very informative and thorough. Thank you again.
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Floors came out great! I’m very happy with the results! The workers were also great, very professional and courteous. I will be recommending your company to family and friends! Thank you!

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