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Whether you want high shine or slip resistance, our concrete coating floors combine beauty and durability.

The floor space in your home gets a lot of traffic and is the largest and most used feature of any room. As you know, your floors require a special level of care and attention to keep them clean and safe for your loved ones and to protect one of your most valuable assets, your home. Whether it’s the frequently wet foot traffic of an outdoor pool deck or the heavy machinery of a workshop garage, your floors have to withstand heavy traffic,  sunlight, spills, high impacts, and heavy weights—all while trying to maintain an attractive appearance and safety.

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Concrete Coatings Systems

Chip Flooring System

Built with three layers for lasting strength and beauty, our chip system is a perfect non-slip choice for any garage floor, patio floor, front porch coating, school, locker room, and commercial showroom. This system is made of 100% polyurea solids to give it superior strength, durability, including chemical and abrasion resistance and UV stability. Best of all, we can custom blend any of our vinyl chips into nearly any color you’d like! The system that will make your concrete the talk of the town!

Metallic Flooring System

If plain flooring doesn’t meet the demands of your business or lifestyle, consider Penntek’s unique metallic system! This floor finishing system utilizes natural pigments to create a 3D marbleized look with a bold burst of color. This awesome eye-catching color movement and high gloss make this flooring system particularly popular for showrooms—or any space that requires an awesome look that creates a “WOW” factor. And if you prefer a softer appearance, we can create a high-quality matte finish to help beautify your place.

Quartz Coating System

Our quartz system is similar to the chip system but comes with two additional layers (five in total) for added strength. We use both a base coat and topcoat of polyurea floor coating, this system has extreme adhesion, flexibility in changing temperatures, and is highly resistant to chemicals. Its light, built-in texture also protects users from slipping and falling, adding safety to your flooring solution. This is a perfect for (remove this word) solution for Pool Decks​, Showers and Locker Rooms, Restrooms​, Commercial Kitchens and more!

Polyurea Floor Coating

Our solid color polyurea system withstands freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or splitting, and it has UV stability as well as chemical resistance. This durable flooring option is great for outside areas or in areas where the temperature fluctuates. Freezer floors or industrial food making environments often take advantage for this type of flooring. In most cases, it can also be installed in one day, this produces less downtime for your business or manufacturing facility!

Garage/Shop Floor Coating

Our polyurea shop floor system offers added strength and durability as well as easy cleanup and safety. Its textured surface and moisture resistance make it perfect for the harsh conditions of any workshop or factory. With our polyurea shop flooring, you will get beauty, durability and safety that will help to create a pleasant and safe working environment for your employees. It’s quick to install and dry, so that you can get back to business in no time.

Solid Color Epoxy Floor Coating

Due to its low cost and ease of application, epoxy has long been popular for residential garage and commercial flooring. But no epoxy floor coating can compare to Penntek’s! Like all of our floor coating systems, our solid color epoxy system has been specially engineered by experienced floor coating technicians and specialist for extended life and durability. It fixes the problems common to low-grade epoxy coatings sold by the big box stores by providing superior impact resistance and durability at an affordable price.

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