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We are an official dealer of Penntek Industrial Coatings in St. John County and offer our services in St. Augustine, Florida. Our coating is 99% pure polyurea designed for the best longevity and protection. 

Let us repair and resurface your weathered concrete floors, and make them the talk of the town with stylish, shiny new coating. Key highlights of our service and coatings:


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Concrete coating project
in St. Augustine

Giving a St. Augustine Home Garage Floor the Ultimate Resurfacing and Coating Makeover

In August of 2023, our team had the pleasure of resurfacing and coating a garage floor in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida. The floor, marked by typical garage stains and wear, needed some serious attention to bring it back to life. The initial step involved grinding down the concrete, effectively erasing those “battle scars” from years of use.

After smoothing out the surface, we addressed the cracks that had formed over time, filling and mending them to ensure the foundation was in the best condition for the coating to adhere properly.

The project had its challenges, including working around a boiler and a sink that couldn’t be moved. Nevertheless, our team navigated these obstacles with skill, ensuring every inch of the floor received the new, durable polyurea coating. The customer opted for a stonewash flake color for the coating, striking a balance between aesthetics and the rugged durability feel.

Our goal was not just to refresh the look of the garage but to provide a lasting solution that enhances the space’s utility. The final result is a garage floor that’s not only resistant to the usual wear and tear but also adds a clean, neat appearance to the space. This project in St. Augustine is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality and durability, with a touch of style that our clients appreciate.

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Considering a makeover for your weathered concrete floors? Skip the DIY hassle – our superior to epoxy polyurea coating is exclusive to official Penntek dealers. Enjoy all the perks of best grade polyurea floor coating along with our limited lifetime warranty.

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Make your concrete floors the talk of the neighborhood overnight! Your home deserve the best coating available, protected by industry’s best lifetime warranty!

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Invest in your floors for ease of maintenance, improvded safety and style to match your commercial space. Weather you need practical coating, or a stylish one – our coatings is best in town.

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Our coating, made by Penntek Industrial Coatings is a perfect coating for industrial applciations. Designed to endure, it is stronger, more adhesive and more flexibile than epoxy or other common polyurea.

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