Understanding Concrete Preparation and Repair with Xano 521

Published on April 18, 2024
jay Understanding Concrete Preparation and Repair with Xano 521

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Meet Jay Bryant: Veteran and Concrete Coating Expert

Today, we introduce Jay Bryant, the esteemed owner of Xano 521 and a proud Army veteran. His military background instills a disciplined, thorough approach to each project at Xano 521, ensuring high standards and ultimate customer satisfaction.

“I love all the branches… There’s nothing like being pinned down and watching the Marines come in with close air support,” Jay reflects with respect and a bit of inter-service rivalry humor. His camaraderie and appreciation for fellow veterans and service branches resonate through his leadership at Xano 521.

Diving Deep into Concrete Coating Techniques

This session focuses on the technical aspects of what goes into preparing and repairing concrete before it’s deemed ready for the transformative coating process. Jay explains the critical nature of proper surface preparation:

“Every surface that will have a concrete coating on it must be prepped… to ensure that the coating bonds well and lasts.”

mitch Understanding Concrete Preparation and Repair with Xano 521

The Essentials of Preparation

Proper surface prep is non-negotiable in achieving a lasting, quality finish. Xano 521 utilizes several techniques, with a clear preference against acid washing due to its environmental impact and inefficiency. Instead, Jay and his team advocate for mechanical and bead blasting techniques.

Mechanical Grinding: The Preferred Method

Jay details their method of choice: “We use a planetary grinder with diamond tooling to cut the concrete, which varies depending on the concrete’s hardness.” This technique is not only effective but essential for creating the right surface profile for bonding. The planetary grinder efficiently opens pores within the concrete, a crucial step that generic smoothing or acid washing methods cannot achieve.

Managing the Mess

Despite the effectiveness of mechanical grinding, it does produce dust and debris. “A good company will use a vacuum system to capture about 90-95% of the dust,” Jay reassures. For edge work where the large grinder can’t reach, hand grinders with vacuum attachments help minimize dust, ensuring a clean, safe working environment.

Understanding Repairs and Their Limits

Xano 521’s repair services cover common issues like cracks, pitting, and chips:

“We can handle cracks, pitting, chips, and small structural repairs like uneven edges,” says Jay. The team uses a two-part mender that is stronger than typical concrete, ensuring repairs are not only cosmetic but also durable.

Dealing with Structural Concerns

However, there are limits to what surface-level repair can achieve. Major foundational problems require more intensive solutions. “If there are significant issues with the concrete… it’s best to address these thoroughly before resurfacing,” Jay advises. Such honesty and transparency in setting realistic expectations are pivotal in ensuring customer satisfaction.

duo Understanding Concrete Preparation and Repair with Xano 521

Setting Realistic Expectations

“It doesn’t do us any good to say we’re going to fix something knowing that it’s going to come back,” Jay states candidly. This philosophy underscores the importance of being upfront with clients about what concrete coating can and cannot solve.

Why Choose Xano 521?

Our dedication to quality, combined with Jay’s leadership and the team’s technical expertise, makes Xano 521 the go-to company for concrete solutions in Central Florida. For more information or to view our vast array of successful projects, please visit our website at xano521.com.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for our next discussion on the Xano521 Podcast, and make sure to subscribe and tune into the Xano 521 podcast for more expert insights!

At Xano 521, we don’t just offer services—we offer solutions that last. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to helping you transform your space!


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