Brand New Pool Deck Resurfacing With Polyurea

Published on August 24, 2022

Central Florida is known for having one of the largest populations of pool owners in the continential United States. This makes sense due to our extremely hot summer temperatures. However, one of the most important parts of taking care of a pool in Central Florida is finding the right concrete deck cover that offers protection for both your family and also you’re concrete. The easiest way you can protect both is by getting your pool deck resurfaced with one of our amazing polyurea pool deck concrete covers.

A polyurea pool deck cover presents round-the-clock protection for your pool’s swimming guests and concrete. For your concrete, a Xano521 polyurea coating provides a waterproof and sun-resistant coating that will protect your pool’s concrete for years to come. For your guests, our polyurea coatings are microbial and bacterial resistant and have a higher friction coefficient than wet concrete. This means no slipping and a significant reduction in bacteria buildup!

Getting a pool deck resurfaced should be a preventative measure. You do not want to wait until your concrete has faded or cracked before finding a good coating that can protect it. The team here at Xano521 will happily talk about your pool’s resurfacing needs with a 100% no-obligation consultation. Simply reach out to us with your concerns and we will give you an honest answer as to what you need.

A Polyurea Pool Deck Coating is Microbial and Bacterial Resistant

Pools are known for being extremely hard to maintain and clean. This is because the pool itself will build up bacteria if you don’t constantly add chemicals to clean the water. However, these chemicals only go into the pool itself and do not cover the surface concrete surrounding the sides.

The problem that we have seen comes from the standing water on the surface concrete surrounding the pool. Basic painted concrete has groves and cracks that will fill in with water and slowly over time build up bacteria. This can create a problem for you, your guests, and your family who are exposed to this bacteria. Not only can this present a hazard but also it can begin to discolor or even damage your concrete if left to build up.

This is where a Xano521 Penntek Polyurea coating comes in. Xano521 is a verified dealer of Penntek’s patented polyurea coating that is both waterproof and UV resistant. Because our pool deck resurfacing coatings are waterproof bacteria do not have a chance to gain a foothold in the cracks of the concrete and are slowly killed off from exposure to the sun.

This is an amazing benefit for pool owners of Central Florida. We have one of the best climates in the United States for bacteria buildup due to the high heat and extremely wet environment that lasts for the entire year. With a Penntek polyurea coating from Xano521 you can rest easy knowing that your pool and guests will be safe from microbial and bacteria buildup.

Polyurea Provides Higher Grip and Constant Concrete Protection

One of the best benefits of going with a polyurea pool deck coating is that it provides more grip than basic wet concrete and also completely protects your concrete.

Here in Central Florida, our exposed pool concrete is bombarded with high-intensity UV rays, debris, hurricane winds, natural wildlife, and chemicals. You need an extra layer of protection to ensure that your concrete won’t fade or crack. If left unprotected a pool deck can be destroyed slowly over time. This can lead to costly repairs for the pool owner.

It is better to get ahead of this damage by having your pool deck resurfaced with one of our polyurea coatings. This is because our coatings are extremely tough, flexible, and durable. On top of this, a Pentek polyurea pool deck coating is going to position your concrete to be extremely UV resistant, which comes in handy in the Sunshine state. The cost of re-painting a traditional pool deck over time will more than makeup for the cost of installing one of our polyurea deck coatings.

Protecting your pool deck is important but more important are the guests who use it. It is no secret, pool decks are designed to get wet from splashes from the pool. The problem is that a traditional pool deck coating can be extremely slippery when people walk across it. A Xano521 polyurea coating provides significantly more traction when wet than a traditional concrete pool deck. This is because our friction coefficient is much higher than traditional concrete. This means a reduction in the possibility of a guest or family member slipping on your pool deck.

Because our polyurea pool deck coatings offer better traction and protection for your pool’s concrete many people around Central Florida are switching to polyurea today. Our team of professional installation technicians are courteous and provides the best services possible; you can read our stellar reviews here!


That’s about it regarding polyurea pool deck coatings.

Many people are unaware that Xano521’s polyurea coatings can be applied to their pool decks. Most think that polyurea is just for driveways, garages, and warehouse floors. However, one of the best places to put one of our coatings is on the deck surrounding your Central Florida pool. When installed properly a polyurea coating will provide protection for both your pool’s guests and its concrete for years to come.


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