The Best Patio Floor Coatings In Mt.Dora

Published on November 22, 2022

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your patio while also making it stylish is to install one of our patio concrete coatings. It is no secret to see why; all around Mt.Dora, Florida homeowners are reaching out to us to install an amazing concrete coating on their patio floor for 3 major reasons.

Polyurea patio coatings offer amazing protection for homeowners for 3 reasons. First, a patio coating is going to give your patio’s concrete unstoppable weather protection. Second, unlike epoxy coatings our polyurea coatings are designed to block damage from the sun’s rays. Third, a polyurea coating will make sure your patio’s concrete is protected from anything you can throw at it.

Here at Xano521 we are the premier polyurea coating provider for the greater Central Florida Region. Our coatings are so durable and strong that we are more than comfortable offering a 15-year manufacturer warranty! If you are on the fence about if one of these polyurea coatings is right for you then simply reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion about your project’s needs.

Polyurea Patio Coatings Will Give Your Patio Unstoppable Protection From the Elements

One of the best things about getting a polyurea coating is that your patio will have unstoppable protection from all of Florida’s worst weather.

From hurricanes to lightning storms a polyurea coating will ensure that your concrete won’t get stained, damaged, or crack. Unlike other traditional coatings that become brittle and break over time a polyurea one remains flexible and will be able to ‘flow’ to allow the coating to block any income weather damage.

The reason this happens is because of how polyurea coatings are made. A polyurea coating is made of several layers of artificial polyester materials that are designed to sit on top of each other. Much like oil and water the materials never truly mix and instead remain separate and ‘float’ on top of each other.

What happens is that your polyurea material becomes absolutely watertight while remaining flexible enough to absorb any impacts from storm debris or falling patio objects. Having a concrete coating that is watertight is absolutely key to protecting your concrete and coating from damage here in Florida. This is because a watertight coating will not allow water to get underneath it while a ‘water resistant’ coating will.

Simply put, a polyurea porch coating from Xano521 is going to get you the best in industry protection for an extremely cost-effective price. This coating will ensure that your patio’s concrete has the best-in-class protection from any weather here in Mt.Dora, Florida.

Unlike Epoxy Coatings Our Polyurea Coatings Are Designed to Block Damage From the Sun’s Rays

One of the best things about our polyurea coatings is the level of protection that we provide against the sun’s rays.

Some homeowners end up going with an epoxy coating for their outdoor projects. An epoxy coating should not be used in this application because of an effect we here in the industry call ‘yellowing.’ This yellowing process starts to happen when the epoxy coating is exposed to either direct or indirect sunlight.

When the epoxy coating yellows it will start to turn brittle, become yellow in color, and eventually crack to expose the concrete underneath. As you might imagine this is a problem for people who decide to install a polyurea coating on their porches here in Florida. Since our porches are exposed year-round to direct sunlight then an epoxy coating will quickly become brittle and crack.

A polyurea coating on the other hand will not ‘yellow’ over time. This is because we build our polyurea coatings from synthetic materials that are designed to protect against the sun’s rays. An epoxy coating on the other hand is made from organic resin compounds and will slowly begin to degrade.

We here at Xano521 decided to offer our Mt.Dora neighbors the best outdoor concrete coating available. Our polyurea coatings won’t ‘yellow’ because of our synthetic blend compounds that build the polyurea coating itself. This means that when you install a polyurea coating you can rest easy that your investment will be protected for years to come.

A Polyurea Coating Will Make Sure Your Patio’s Concrete Is Protected From Anything You Can Throw at It

By far the best thing about a polyurea coating is the best industry protection that it gives to your patio’s concrete.

As previously mentioned a polyurea coating remains flexible even after it has finished hardening. This means that it will be able to absorb and adapt to meet the demands of your porch. Often we install a coating on a family’s porch and get amazing reviews telling us how much protection it has offered against daily constant use.

Our polyurea coatings will ensure that nothing will be able to hurt or harm your concrete. This is why we offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty with every installation of our coatings. Simply put, if you install a polyurea coating then your concrete will outlast nearly everything else around it.

On top of this, we can tailor the color and texture of the coating to your individual project. We challenge you to give us a project that we can’t fit our product or service too. You can check out the gallery of our recent projects here to give you inspiration.


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