Polyurea: The 3 Reasons To Protect Your Lake Country Driveway

Published on May 9, 2022

When it comes to protecting your garage floor in the hot lake country sun you have only two choices: epoxy or polyurea. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the damages that ultraviolet radiation can do to a driveway covered with epoxy resin.

There are 3 reasons why our polyurea coating will protect your Lake Country driveway better than epoxy. First, our polyurea coatings have a higher resistance to chemicals. Second, the hot Florida sun will degrade epoxy unlike polyurea. Third, epoxy coatings are known to crack and tear while our polyurea comes with a 15-year warranty.

Here at Xano 521 we offer Polyurea coatings to residents living in the greater central Florida area at a cost-effective rate. It’s our goal to provide the best service possible. If you have any questions at all regarding Polyurea coatings, feel free to call us or email.

Polyurea Have a Higher Resistance to Chemicals Unlike Epoxy

While epoxy much like regular concrete will degrade from common chemicals. This remains a main reason why people are turning to polyurea driveway coatings today.

Several chemicals can end up staining an epoxy driveway. These chemicals can come from several sources such as oil, acid rain, or sometimes a spill from someone walking by.

Unlike epoxy, polyurea is easier to clean and stands up better to chemical degradation. This reason that Polyurea holds up better comes from how we apply it to your driveway.

Most epoxy specialists will only apply a one or two coats of epoxy resin. Our specialists here at Xano521 provide a total concrete makeover which involves several coats of polyurea.

Further, the polyurea itself is chemical resistant. Several harmful chemicals will simply wipe off with a good polyurea coat leaving no marks behind. The secret to this comes from the design of the polyurea coat itself.

The polyurea coat is more flexible and smoother. This gives the chemical spill less places to ‘pool’ on a micro level, which leads to ugly stains.

Because of this we provide the best possible driveway polyurea coatings at cost effective prices. We can provide a myriad of solutions to fit your needs along with a style of polyurea coating that works best for your Lake County or Volusia County home or office.

The Hot Florida Sun Will Degrade Epoxy Unlike Our Polyurea Coating

This is a major problem for people who chose to use epoxy coatings on areas exposed to the sun. Ask yourself how often a driveway gets sunlight in Central Florida? Wouldn’t you want a driveway coating that is proven to withstand the harsh Florida sun?

When we install a polyurea coating here at Xano521 we make sure that it will stand up to the UV light coming from the Sun.

This is because academic studies have demonstrated that UV light will overtime destroy epoxy resin.

However, when it comes to a polyurea basecoat on your driveway you can rest easy knowing that your investment will stay in pristine condition. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 15-year factory warranty!

A polyurea coating will increase the value of your home or office. We aim to make sure that over the lifetime of that coating you can be assured that the sun won’t damage it.

Because of sunlight damage we are seeing people in Orange, Lake, and Volusia counties choose to install polyurea coatings instead of epoxy. It makes sense. You would want to have your investment be able to survive in the hot Florida sun.

Don’t let the Florida sun ruin your coated driveway. This remains a main reason that people are switching to polyurea driveway coatings across Lake County.

Epoxy Resins Are Known to Crack While Our Polyurea Comes with A 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty!

crack in pavement/driveway

Imagine for a second you spend money to have an epoxy resin coating put on your driveway. Several months later it cracks from wear and tear.

Well, that won’t happen with our polyurea coatings. Everyone across central Florida gets a 15-year manufacturer warranty with each installation of our concrete coatings!

The last thing anyone needs is to have an epoxy coating crack and then not be able to easily fix it. These cracks are ugly, but the real problem is the risk presented to the concrete.

All it takes is one crack in the epoxy coating to have an entire slab of concrete exposed. If you have suffered from one of these cracks here in Central Florida, give us a call, we can help.

Not only is our concrete coatings superior to epoxy in every way they also come with a full warranty. Further, you will often find that we can have an entire project done in one day.

As such a primary reason that Polyurea protects your driveway is by just being more durable than a standard epoxy coating. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 15-year warranty to all installations across Central Florida.

The Xano521 Approach to Polyurea Driveway Coating Solutions Across Central Florida

Florida has one of the harshest environments out of any state. In particular, Central Florida is known to be exceptionally harsh.

We live here in Central Florida and our products are designed to withstand the local environment and harsh sun where temperatures can reach an excess of 99 degrees.

You can be confident that our concrete coatings are of the highest quality and will be satisfied. If you have any questions at all regarding potential concrete coats or just want to know what might be the best solution for your concrete I encourage you to reach out to us; we are here to help.


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