Interview With Jay Bryant of Xano521 Concrete Coatings

Published on May 5, 2022
Concrete Coatings Expert Interview

The typical services that we coat are normally residential we do pool decks, driveways, garages, patios, sidewalks. Our typical job takes one day to complete. Some jobs that are a little bit larger may take two. When the jobs are complete, our customers are back on their surface within 24 hours. Unlike most companies Xano521 uses a Polyurea basecoat and a Polyaspartic top coat. Polyurea is substance that is derived from step-growth polymerization. Essentially, Polyurea is the result of combining a synthetic resin with isocyanate reactive materials. The big difference is the Polyurea bonds to the concrete and searches out moisture and makes a good root system in the concrete. And then once it finds moisture a chemical process takes place that causes the coating to bond well with the concrete and then the Polyaspartic.

Unlike epoxies, Polyurea cures in 24 hours. Epoxies never quit curing. What happens after a long time with epoxy is those root systems that do get into concrete start getting brittle and they start chipping up and breaking up and you get hot tire pools. And most of us have seen that before in concrete coatings. You see those areas that have chipped up. With the Polyurea it fully cures in 24 hours and maintains its elongation properties for the life of the coating. In 20 years, the elongation is still 98% of what it was the day we applied it. Also having a 24 hour cure time allows our customers to get back on their surface within 24 hours, whereas epoxies can take three to five days or even longer.

Beyond creating a better bond and having a faster cure time than epoxy, polyurea coatings has many other additional benefits .

Benefits of Polyurea:

  • Polyurea offers excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Polyurea handles various environmental conditions very well, which is ideal for Florida’s ever changing weather.
  • Our team can apply the coating at a wide range of temperatures, including high humidity, so a humid Florida day causes us no issues.
  • The thickness of the Polyurea coating can be very finely controlled.
  • Polyurea also offers great resistance to chemicals, which makes it a good choice for industrial settings like workshops, garages, airplane hangers and other similar areas. Tests have shown that Polyurea coatings are resistant to acids and solvents including hydrochloric acid and acetic acid.
  • UV resistance and an overall ability to stand up to the suns harsh rays make Polyurea concrete coatings ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Garages, Driveways, Sidewalks, Pool Decks and Porches are all fantastic places for Polyurea concrete coatings to be utilized.
  • The slip-resistance factor of Polyurea coatings makes it perfect for pool decks, garages, sidewalks, driveways and other concrete areas that can often become wet. Vinyls chips can be used to create texture and extra traction.
  • Polyurea coatings offer easy upkeep and maintenance. Many people say that they don’t feel like our coatings need any maintenance at all. Our coatings are non-porous so they do not absorb liquids that can end up causing stains. This means no scrubbing when a spill occurs. Simply and safely wipe up the stain and that’s it. This little to no maintenance quality of Polyurea is sure to make your life easier because it means one less place that will require attention when performing maintenance around your home or facility.

We’re so excited to be applying concrete coatings in the Central Florida and Volusia County areas. One of the unique things about our company is all of our employees are our employees. We don’t subcontract any of our work. We maintain a very professional job site. Each of our installers is professionally trained to ensure that each concrete installation is of the highest quality. Xano521 takes tremendous pride in providing excellent workmanship. We use top of the line equipment to make sure that the surface is prepared correctly. We capture 90 to 95% of all the dust on the jobs and we try to make sure it’s neat and clean. Our team understands the tremendous the difference it can make for a home to have old and damaged concrete sidewalks, driveways and patios transformed into beautifully coated areas.

We are proud to be a veteran owned company transforming concrete surfaces into works of art. For a free Quote visit


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