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Never Use Epoxy Coating On A Garage Floor!

Many times we are called to rescue a garage floor that has a failing epoxy coating. This is due to epoxy being an inferior concrete coating product to our Industrial Strength Polyurea Concrete Coating Solution

Epoxy might look pretty for a short time, but there are a few downfalls when it comes to the material. The color of an epoxy coating can fade over time. If it’s exposed to sunlight, to could start to yellow. Plus, it can take a very long time for an epoxy coating to cure. It can take a few days before the coating is properly cured. And if you put it on incorrectly, the life of your coating will not last very long.

That’s not the only problem with epoxy coatings. If your tires get extremely hot from riding on asphalt all day, and you park your car on your epoxy coated garage floor, it may stick to your tires and tear easily away. Plus, epoxy coatings are not 100 percent stain proof. Your floor can still be damaged by chemicals like oil, gas, and salt.

This is why we only use Industrial grade Polyurea. All of our garage floor polyurea installations come with a 15 yr warranty against chipping, peeling or fading! 

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