3 Reasons To Get A New Patio Floor Coating In Clermont Today

Published on June 20, 2022

One of the most overlooked places in our Clermont homes is the patio. Every year our patio floors see substantial action from cookouts, children running, and late night discussions in the cool Florida Autumn air. It is important to make sure your patio’s floor receives a new quality coating for 3 reasons.

The patio of a house in Clermont, Florida, should receive either a touch up or new coat of paint every couple of years. This will protect the patio from the harsh Florida UV rays, increase the overall value of the home, and protect you from the ruthless Florida weather.

Here at Xano521 we aim to provide the absolute best quality patio coatings for a cost effective rate. Our customers are extremely happy with their end product and our expert service team; read our reviews from across the web.

Without further ado, here are the 3 reasons why you should get a new patio floor coating in Clermont today.

Protecting Your Back Patio From The Harsh Florida UV Rays

Florida sun shining through palm fronds

One of the main reasons why you should consider getting a new patio floor coating in Clermont, Florida, today is because it will protect your patio from the harsh Florida sun.

A 2019 study done by a team of scientists from around the world discovered that patio building materials exposed to ultraviolet radiation degraded in only 733 days of exposure.

In Clermont, Florida, we receive substantial amounts of sun exposure throughout the year. Unlike our northern neighbors we can bet on the fact that our patios will receive almost year-round sun exposure.

This means that your back patio is going to degrade unless it receives a quality protective coating. Our patio coatings here at Xano521 are designed to protect your patio from the harmful Florida sun.

If you go unprotected there is a chance that in the future you will have to replace your patio just from sun damage alone. A replacement of a patio in Florida can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Our patio coatings provide year round protection. In essence our products pay for themselves because they help protect your home and will prevent you from having to replace or repair your patio.

As such one of the main reasons to get a new patio floor coating in Clermont is because it protects your patio from the harmful Florida sun.

A New Patio Coating By Xano521 Will Increase Your Home’s Value

A new patio coating will increase the value of your Clermont home. This is because not only are you protecting your patio which can help with insurance but you are also making your home look even better to prospective buyers.

The price of homes here in Florida keeps going up. Just over the past 2 years alone the average home value in the U.S increased by a staggering 25%! One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home further is by making it look more beautiful.

By far one of the best ways to do this in Clermont, Florida, is by installing a patio floor coating. Not only do we have multiple colors to match your home’s aesthetic but also our expert installation techs can install the patio coating in a fraction of the time that it takes other companies.

Imagine a realtor showing a prospective buyer around two homes in Clermont, Florida. One has our patio coating and the other does not. You can bet that the home with the new patio coating is going to sell for a higher price and faster.

Today the housing market is a sellers market. You are sitting on a massive investment which is only increasing in value every day. By far one of the best ways to increase the value of your Clermont home is to install a beautiful and practical new patio coating.

As such one of the main reasons why every homeowner in Clermont, Florida, should install a new patio coating is because it will increase the overall value of their home. Simply put, a new patio coating will pay itself off when you sell your home many times over.

A New Clermont Patio Coating From Xano521 Will Protect Your Home From The Florida Weather

florida storm clouds

It is no secret, here in Clermont we receive some of the worst weather in the United States. It is one thing to protect your patio from the harsh Florida sun, it’s another thing entirely to protect it from the ruthless storms.

All of our patio coatings are designed to protect against water damage. Normally this means your patio is protected against spills from gatherings and parties. However, we didn’t stop there.

This is because of how our expert techs install you patio coating. We don’t just install one layer, we put several unique layers on top of each other. This provides complete protection from any Florida storm.

Further, since our patio coatings are so durable you’re even protected from the insane wind speeds that come with the rain. Other companies’ patio coatings will chip and even rip off in high speed winds. Since we provide multiple coats you will never have to worry about your patio coating coming off during high speed winds.

As such one of the main reasons why every homeowner should install a patio floor coating in Clermont, Florida, is because it will protect their homes and patios against the worst of the Florida weather.


Installing a patio coating by Xano521 is going to help your patio in multiple ways. Not only will it provide protection from the Florida weather and sun it will also increase your home’s value.

In essence, you can rest easy knowing your back patio is protected and will pay itself off. If you treat your patio coating like an investment then there is no reason not to get one.

Here at Xano521 we pride ourselves in providing the best service possible. If you are unsure if your Clermont patio needs a coating then feel free to reach out to us. We will give you an honest answer.



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